Did the disciples of Jesus bluntly lie in order to gain a following and then for that alone they willingly died? I don't thinks so.

When we examine the history of Christianity, and how it quickly spread throughout the world, we see that it was not the Crusaders or the Spanish inquisitors, nor the Conquistadors who really cared about the truth, but rather those torn by lions and burnt at the stake. But the question remains as to why would they die such horrible deaths? What possessed them not to renounce their faith? They definitely did not do it out of ego-centrism.

Who in his or her right mind would ever go to a torturous death singing? Those that were tortured were done away with because of superstitions. Being forced to divulge things, which cannot be described with human words, was the practice. But can the reasons for their deep abiding faith be ever expressed? Perhaps yes… with singing.

There is something in one’s soul worthy of paying attention to; but look out! The discovery may cause the seeker to experience the same? But this cation also brings us to the mystery of unbelief.

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