It just occurred to me that instead of narrowing our interests and likes we should expand them. As is the case with music preferences so it is in our spiritual choices. Some like only (3/4) um-pah-pah; others like only Jazz and its complex chords and beats; others can't hear pop or rock music because they only love Mozart and Bach. They close their minds and open them to something else.

The "Lazarus" Gospel Opera uses all styles of sound to express the story, conversations, compassion, nerves, joy and sadness. Like a ballad style of music, which can be sad and lullaby peaceful so why not using all styles? Why we close our minds and ears to one and open to another? One style tells a story and another makes you fall asleep.

Jazz means noise (literally) complex syncopated beats and strange sounding chords are perfect for creating drama or senseless noise. In Jazz we break all rules we are taught in school about Classical music e.g., no parallel fourths or fifths, yet these are being constantly used in Jazz.

So, in our Spiritual walk with God we come upon things that we are not used to... Aha... Yeah... Some close their minds and ears and others call it "FALSE!!!" and run away from you like from a plague.

Why being stuck like a ballerina on a stage that dances to one limit and corner to another, which makes her turn around and spin…? So it is with a whole lot of people.

God’s stage has no limits. His thoughts are beyond ours. But how about studying God’s thoughts and His nature without the dictation of any theology or any religious belonging.


Generally, all Christians harbor the seed of antisemitism because they inherited it. When they are taught Paul’s Letter to the Romans ch. 11; they might begin to uncover that seed prejudice mixed with self-righteousness a ‘better than Thou’ attitude (hey, you rejected Christ and we have accepted Him). Some stubbornly keep in this sentiment and never deal with it. Some Jews (few rabbis) responded with vehement self-defense bordering on rage and utter disgust for after all it was the Jew who gave the world one God and the legal system which all modern countries use today. Some go as far as saying that all gentiles are apes and even worse. Then the ball bonces back with which the anti-Semites try to legitimize and even justify their prejudicial hatred against all Jews.

Hurt, prejudice… feelings that emanate from the animal soul (Nephesh Bahamit) in us all. But why not switching to the Godly soul (Nephesh Elokit), but for this we needed Jesus who told us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. How? View them not as enemies, but only limited. These limits people put on themselves all by themselves and hence they are poor. Intellectually they are poor because they have not availed themselves with the freely accessible knowledge; therefore they remain in their dreadful state of ignorance.      


Think about it. You cannot choose one denomination (religious genre) over another, like the Catholic or Lutheran, Baptist, Evangelical or Pentecostal, and then within these genres we pick also preachers and teachers to suit.The sticking point is that none of us chose to be born and that much less we have the right to pick and choose gods. Unless the Almighty God reveals Himself to you and picks you--His own creation and for His glory--you are nothing; and therefore nothing to boast about. God's name is not "Theology" (man's knowledge about God), right or wrong belief or ‘politically correct’ camp of belonging. God chose Abraham, Isaac and Jacob whose name God changed to Israel; and then that choice continued through the Judeans, later called the Jews; when they returned from Babylon and Persia as Jews.  Israel was already dispersed amongst nations (Goyeem in Hebrew) and thus Israel was lost. but not to the all-seeing eye of God. 


Why the protection? Who copied the books of the Bible and hid them in caves? Who spilled blood for the books we today call the Bible? Who loves the entire world (John 3:16); buys the world (the field) for in it He found His hidden treasure (Mat. 13:44)? Who does He dig today? Aren't they the sons of God the peacemakers (Matthew 5:9; Romans 8:14 & 19)?

Do not to not go to the gentiles, but only the lost sheep of the house of Israel? How do we know who is who? He knows so we preach the Gospel to all and like a rain it falls. Then comes the sorting, of good fish, wheat and chaff etc. The Northern Kingdom of Israel was the House of Israel, but it was lost and God does not give up on His eternal covenant with His people. God sees the lost; hence not Jews but Israelites mixed with Goyeem, but who are they? 

Why did Jesus said this?

[Matthew 10:5] Do not go in the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter any city of the Samaritans; 6 but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

It is a known to God fact that all true born-again Christians are the real Israelites who were once lost but now found. Self does not define them, but the heavenly truth. They do love their brothers the Jews quite naturally so. For this reason it is written;  

[Romans 11:25] partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.

More fittingly said, that partially God hardened and blinded the Jews until all lost Israelites comes in. Apostle Paul was not a Jew by birth, but only by conversion; he was an Israelite; hence his mission was such.

There is so much more, but who opens his or her mind to dig God and His ways?


The heavenly Father belongs to no one, yet, physically He made us all different. He is One Spirit and we are drawn to that oneness and then we also become one in that same Spirit.

Using the musical preferences examples we see ourselves as in a mirror. Just as God provided repentance, contrition and contriteness so that all can return to Him so he still provides plenty of opportunities to augment our vision and scope of understanding.

Today I woke up with this: all that the human being needs is locked in the willingness to humble the pride of life. Anyone understanding the power of humility before the LORD; and does something about it; is pleasing to Him. No deadly thing will befall such as long as he or she walks with God in humility. This is indeed a great secret must fail to comprehend.

Humility before God (not before men) attracts the three attributes of God: understanding, knowledge and wisdom. Humility carves out a hollow place in a rock or a block of wood and then lifts that vessel  up to God to be filled with much moire than just rock, clay or wood.   

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